Tesco Walk for Schools

Tesco is our local hypermarket that we visit about 5 times a week, or atleast it feels that way. When we first started going to Tesco I felt completely overwhelmed by the vast amounts of people, carts, and items (including one whole isle of rice) and the methods for purchasing items such as meat and vegetables, but now, I love it. I still don’t love the piles of raw meat atop mounds of ice out for all to pick through and finger, but luckily I have Cody.

Last weekend Tesco organized a 5k walk for schools. Cody and I signed up, woke at 6 am on a Sunday and headed down to KL for the race. It was a very fun experience and yes, we were two of four Caucasians in a sea of thousands, but walking is walking and the more we stay here, the more we don’t notice that we are a little different. (What we do notice though is everyone staring at us and taking pictures of us, but that is another story entirely.)

The day started with some group stretching and warming up, but like Cody said, “Who needs warming up for a 5k walk?” Instead we walked around and took in the sights. There were so many school children participating in the race and they really got into the warm-up. On stage they had an aerobics instructor from Reebok and it brought me back. I wish I was still teaching step at the Y but some things are worth sacrificing.

While we walked around during the warm-up I saw this and we took the opportunity to capitalize on the moment.

After the warm up, we lined up at the start and headed out for a walk through the city. We actually ended up walking through some amazing forest and some nice scenery. Cody noticed that the morning air smelled just like it does when you go into a Rainforest exhibit at a zoo or museum and he was right.

The race was pretty typical of a US 5k, but some funny things did happen along the way. First of all, there were cars driving through the race because the roads were not entirely blocked off. The situation would have been a little better if there had not been so many young children running a muck without any supervision.

At the next turn we had our second surprise. Cars slowly driving through a race was not enough, no, not at all. Now we were going to walk ON THE FREEWAY! No joke. There were no sidewalks, no event organizers leading the way and no signs posted. It was very interesting to say the least.

Overall Cody gave the race a thumbs up and for the next race, I will be sure to bring my camera because you never know where you will go or what you will see along the way.

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