Malaysian Anniversary Dinner at Craft Brews

A new brew house opened right down the hill from us and we decided to go get some decent beer and a meal for our 6 month anniversary. The place, Craft Brews, has great decor, fairly good food, friendly wait staff and some impressive beer titles from the states. Malaysia typically serves up lagers, such as Tiger and Carlsberg, which are relatively cheap, in addition to the dark gem, Guinness, which is so expensive it breaks the bank. For these reasons, we have not been drinking tasty, quality beers like we get in the states, but Craft Brews brought us a little taste of home on our celebration of a half a year in Malaysia.

In addition to many beers from Flying Dog Brewery, Craft Brews serves up some Rogue Brewery titles including one on my favorites, Dead Guy Ale. Rogue is brewed in our home state of Oregon and has many outlets and restaurants throughout the west coast of the US. They make my all time favorite beer, Hazelnut Brown Ale, but unfortunately they did not serve it at Craft Brews. We got to talk to the waiters about where the beer is brewed and about our experiences visiting the brewery in Newport Oregon. Not only were the waiters willing to chat it up and interested in our expertise about beer, they wore the cutest little denim jump suits with suspenders (see, behind the full beer glass?)

After a few beers, we ordered dinner and the food was alright, but not great. We would definitely not go back for the food alone, but the beer and the appetizer we had were fantastic. The garlic, jalapeno calamari appetizer was the best calamari I have ever had. It was also the hottest meal I have had in Malaysia but it was so delicious.  If you are in Malaysia and are looking for some award winning US beers, try out Craft Brews. Be warned that you pay for what you get and Cody and I decided to only go there on special occasions, but it was a very fun experience for us.

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