6 Months and Counting

On February 25, we celebrated our 6 month anniversary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There have been ups and downs so far but overall, moving across the Pacific Ocean to Southeast Asia has been the best decision we’ve ever made.

Some of the many highlights are: Koh Tao beaches, monkeys at the Batu Caves, the warm weather, entertaining our first visitor, roti cani, learning Bahasa Malaysia (a little bit,) meeting new friends, having Lai Wan to help us out when we arrived, having great kids and supportive parents, and the many pools.

Our night out with Taki and Zack, the Petronas Towers at night, Penang street food, chips and salsa, holidays, drink tokens, pool halls, food, food, food, bootlegs, the scooters, the welcome everyone gives us, cheap and professional medical care, bars that stay open til 4 or 5 AM, toll roads(yes that is a highlight), small cars and our landlord.

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