Kuala Lumpur Mechanic

Whether you know nothing, or a good amount how to work on cars, it is still very important you can find a good mechanic you can trust.  When you move to a new country and buy a cheap P.O.S. to get you around for a couple years it becomes even more important.  Our first experience did not go so well.  We bought the car from a friend of a friend.  Someone we were told we could trust.  We had the car for 2 months and half of that time it was at the mechanic’s shop who sold the car to us.  Perfect.  Then after all this time, he could never fix the car.  Not only that but he would return the car on empty every time regardless of how much gas we had in the car when we left it.  The relationship ended badly and we were without a mechanic.

A huge plus to living in Malaysia, is the people you meet treat you like a life long friend from the start.  We met someone who knew a mechanic that was trustworthy and very good.  We took a second chance and ended up driving out to Puchong to go to the new mechanic’s house.  We spent 45 minutes in his driveway and suddenly he knew the problem and gave us a temporary fix.  We drove of with a working car with AC.  We returned when he got the part and he fixed it within the hour and again back on the way.  This man fixed our car in a total of 2 hours when it had spent weeks at the other shop.  Was the first guy a cheat or an idiot, it is hard to say.  All I can say it that I feel so lucky to have our new mechanic in our lives.  Thank you to our friends who helped us get in contact with him, and all those who have offered to help us out.

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