Valentine’s Day

Cody and I hosted our first gathering at our place for Valentine’s Day. Our Director, Sara, and his teaching assistant, Popo, came over with their families for an American style brunch. The morning of Cody had to run out and get some silverware and plates to accommodate everybody. It ended up with 12 people huddled around a six person table sitting on plastic chairs and stools. We made potatoes, bacon, pancakes, an egg scramble and cut up some local fruit. Popo brought some homemade chocolate cupcakes that were delicious and beautiful.

After breakfast, we went down to the pool with the kids and played in the kiddie pool. I loved it because the pool was so pee warm. We ended up drinking some beers in the hot sun in two feet of water with little kids and parents wading/swimming around in a Muslim country. We are classy, huh?

After an afternoon in the pool, Cody and I got dressed in our red and pink and went out to dinner. Since I have not been working we waited to the first special occasion to go out for sushi. Unfortunately everything was closed because it was another National Holiday, but we found a decent Japanese Buffet and splurged on dinner (Thank you Grandpa Chuck!) It was really good and there were lots of options. They even served abalone.

After dinner we went and walked around Mall-asyia. Due to CNY there was a weird extremely large, animated cat with two co-cats posted at the plaza in the mall.

And of course we could not resist a photo.

Then, we went out. I’ll give you one guess….yeah, you were right. Taki met us and it got a little wild. There was lots of love going around for love day.

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