Rorey’s Classroom

Well, I have been teaching at The Learning Connection for about two months and things are going well. The school is beautiful, the students and parents are great and there is so much less stress than I am used to. I have five students (four of which came from Cody’s classroom) and will get getting one additional student the first of March. My students are young and most of them are identified with Autism. It is quite a change from what I have been doing for the past 6 years, but I am actually enjoying it. I never would have thought this but it is great and I am loving my time teaching in Malaysia.

The classroom is incredible light and colorful and I get to be extremely creative in my teaching. I taught a friendship unit for the past two months and now we are moving into a unit on animals. I read, play with playdoh, do puzzles and sing songs with the students almost every day. I love my assistant Peggy so much. We work well together and she is so great with the students. Our director Sara is also so amazing. She is incredibly supportive and very accepting to the ideas and expertise that Cody and I bring from Spectrum Center. It is a great atmosphere.

It is so not like me to enjoy this type of classroom, but I love it. I was telling Cody’s parents today though, that it is a good thing that none of my students wear shoes while in class because it is enough to be blowing noses every 10 minutes; if I had to tie shoes too, it might just put me over the edge.

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