New Year’s Dinner

One of our greatest friends in Malaysia is a super amazing chef. Taki has worked in high class resorts and does fine dining in top restaurants around the world.

Right now he is between jobs so on New Year’s Eve he cooked Cody and I a wonderful dinner. We had a shrimp stuffed tomato, some carrot ginger soup and some pan seared fish. For dessert I made a vanilla custard and some shortbread to go along with some fresh jack fruit. The meal was delicious but the best part was watching Taki cook and plate the food. The plan was to come over and help him prep, but by the time we got there, he was all finished.

A great thanks to Taki for a wonderful evening and a meal we could not have anywhere else.

After dinner we went to the mall to see fireworks. We got down there around 11:30 and all of the clubs were filled, so we went to Tony Roma’s and sat down in their outside patio to see the show. Tony Roma’s on New Year’s Eve! Hot.

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