Difference: Parking

This has been an enormous frustration of ours. Everyone backs in to their parking spots. The reason is unknown, but it sucks. Imagine being in a huge crowded parking garage and you turn the corner to see the perfect spot. After driving around for about 10 minutes, this is a god send, right? Wrong. After your excitement peaks you finally realize that the person about 5 yards ahead of the spot is waiting to BACK INTO IT! No joke. And since Malaysians are not the most skilled drivers, this does not take a quick swoop of the wheel and a look behind the shoulder. No, it takes about 3-4 tries to get into the space, if you are lucky. Mind you, Malaysians all drive small, small cars, so it is even more frustrating. Cody has taken to backing in himself and driving like a local. Every time he shows someone up by parking it in reverse on the first try, we laugh.

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