Malaysian’s hang out at the mall all the time. Cody calls it Mall-asyia here. In fact, right by our house there are two malls, two very huge malls, within 1 mile of each other. Cody and I went shopping last weekend and had a great time. Due to the holiday, there were shows, performances and little local stalls with items for Chinese New Year. We watched a cool performance where these three male dancers did a mask dance. It was unbelievable, they would turn his head and sharply turn back with a new “face” on. It was amazing.

Then we went to Tesco, one of the largest hypermarkets here. When we were entering the store, we heard loud drumming, yelling and the like and wondered what the hell was happening. We turn the corner and there is a lion dance procession heading up the escalator. It went through the store for about 30 minutes and you could hear it all the way from the other side of the shop. We were amazed, but when we mentioned it to our friends, they told us to get used to it because for the next 15 days, during Chinese New Year, they are going to be happening everywhere.

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