When in Rome…

play the lotto. Last weekend, while in Ipoh, we were introduced to the Malaysian lottery system. There are three individual privately owned lotto organizations and it is big business in Malaysia. They have drawings three times a week and all you have to do is pick 4 numbers. If your numbers win, you win around 3000 ringgit for every 1 spent.

As it turns out, Malaysians love playing and will play their numbers at all three shops to cover their chances. I also heard information on Friday while we were out to dinner that I found rather interesting. Traffic accidents occur frequently here and the ambulances are so slow it often takes around an hour to respond. The rumor is that locals stop, but not to help. Instead they write down license plate numbers of the cars in the accident. The thought is that their bad luck for those car numbers means that those numbers will be lucky in the near future. So much for good will.

Needless to say, we did not hit the jackpot. It was fun playing once, but Cody and I decided that once was enough.

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