Ipoh, Thaipusam Part III

The last night of Thaipusam we went downtown Ipoh to see the chariot being returned to the temple. The chariot makes its way slowly down the center of the street stopping every few yards for people to make offerings to Lord Murugan seated within. The chariot is decorated with animated lights and reminded me of one of the boats in the Starlight Parade at Christmas time in Portland.

Another part of the ritual is breaking coconuts in the street. People purchase tons of coconuts to donate for the cause and there are piles and piles of them everywhere. When you throw it (which I learned there is a trick to doing, after I attempted to break it) the coconut has to break or it is a bad omen. Cody’s burst into smithereens (of course) and mine cracked and slowly seeped coconut milk on the street.

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