Thaipusam in Ipoh Part II

On Saturday afternoon we went to the second Temple that the worshipers had traveled to. On the way there we passed many worshipers still on their way to the temple.

We also got some charity when we were stopped at a light. During Thaipusam, groups of Hindus gather food and drinks and hand them out gratis to passersby. If your car is stopped they will walk up to the window and hand you some food for free. It was so nice to gather all of the goodwill being spread around. Here are two packages of noodles and two waters that Cody and I received.

Here, they are getting out of their trances and taking off the kavadi’s after spending some time dancing. It was a very energetic atmosphere and everyone was dressed in beautifully colored fabrics.

Here is a man resting before taking off his head piece. As the men walk from one temple to another throughout the night and into the morning, they are with an entourage that helps them along the way. These are usually family members and friends. One person usually carries a stool that the man can rest on during the journey.

Throughout the entire journey, the men making the voyage follow a group of drummers and chanters. The ones we saw were mostly young, hip Hindu guys in street clothes.

In the temple, the smell of incesse fills your nose and the color and sound is overwhelming. Before going into the temple we had to remove our shoes. There are lots of other rules about entering a Hindu temple that we did not know of at the time, but we will learn next time we visit.

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