Our second night in Ipoh we went back to the same restaurant that we visited on Friday with the same large group of family and friends. They call it the White House and go there frequently. On this night though, we ate Steamboat. This is a popular dish in Malaysia and we had been waiting for a while to get it. When our friends heard that we had never tried it, the decision was final. No more wavering about what to eat for dinner.

Steamboat is a meal typically shared with many friends sitting around a boiling hot pot on top of a gas burner in the middle of the table. The food comes out raw and you place the items in the broth to cook. Then everyone fishes out their portion. We learned from Francis, who has been traveling to China frequently, that the best way to make it is to start off placing  the finest ingredients into the broth to get the best flavor. There was definitely a science around the order the food was cooked in. Cody and I just sat back and let the experts guide us. On the table were plates and plates of seafood ranging from clams and prawns to fish and fishballs. We even gave cuttlefish a second try (remember the rojak blog entry?) and enjoyed it. There were vegetables, noodles, eggs, and meatballs as well and as the night wore on, the broth took on an out of this world flavor. I do have to caution that I saw a few people splashed with boiling broth but that might have been the result of the whiskey being enjoyed. Definitely give it a try if you can find it.

Hot Pot

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