The last weekend before we went back to work, we tried to fit in even more fun. (Like going to Penang and Thailand for three weeks was not enough.) We woke early in the morning, grabbed Taki and headed to the great Malaysian outdoors. The FRIM (Forrest Research Institute Malaysia) is a huge park and research facility about 15 minutes to the north of us with miles of hiking trails, museums and a canopy walk. The park was filled with bikers, hikers and crisp cool air, and was quite a respite our typical day.

We hiked up to the canopy walk and played up in the trees. It was terrifying, but after a while, we felt more settled on the narrow rocking, shaky planks. After being here for five months, we know that Malaysians sometimes take short cuts while building things and there is often news of accidents that are unbelievably unnecessary. This was in the back of all of our minds, but everything was safe and secure and very professional and after a few minutes of swaying and holding on tight, our nerves slowly eased themselves into a calmer state.

The hike left us sweaty and here are our terrified faces early in the day. Taki did great although he is typically afraid of heights. It was amazing that he was actually able to do the canopy walk.

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