Last Night With Zack

So to celebrate Zack’s last night here, we went out… and where did we go? Shooters Bar right down stairs! The bar we are at most often because it is so close, the people are so friendly, and we can play pool. (Not to mention, Frankie, the owner, had Americal Idol 9 playing at 6 pm this past Wednesday on two huge screens and we just happened to stop by and got to watch it.)

Well, at Shooters, we got a little wild, took over the upstairs area and made some funny music videos. Maybe Cody will post some later. It was a great send off for Zack. Our trip was fantastic and has the best three weeks with Zack. Thank you for being our first guest Zack!

The next morning, we woke-up, got some roti from downstairs and headed to the airport. Zack gave us one last turtle traveler pose and a hug and then back to the US.

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