A Word Game

The first few weeks in Malaysia had my head spinning. I felt like a two year old just learning to understand and speak. Not only was I picking up some local Bahasa words, I was also trying to figure out what many common words were in English. My brain was exhausted. It was interesting to experience the process of consciously learning so many new things in such a short period of time.

Many words in English over here are different from the US. Most originate from the UK. Anyone who knows me understands how much I love games. I even have Cody playing (and beating me at) Scrabble on a regular basis. Let’s all play a word game. Send me your guesses for what these common everyday words are over here. (If you have been paying attention so far, most of these should be quite simple.)

  • air con
  • zebra crossing
  • hand phone
  • sms
  • petrol
  • zet
  • lorry
  • aubergine
  • lady’s finger
  • rubbish
  • take away
  • fly over
  • lift

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