Baan Thai Cooking School

While in Chiang Mai, we signed up for a local cooking school. I was so excited for this opportunity and did not have to spend effort convincing the guys to join. The experience overall was wonderful, although Cody left about an hour into it with his second migraine in two days. The staff were knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming and the facilities were impressive. In addition the food was delicious and simple to make.

The day started around a low wooden table and 4 other students. Our teacher first explained the importance of rice and went over the four different varieties. He was impressed that as Westerners, we are eating rice every day. After the tiny lecture, we grabbed our baskets and he took us on a trip to the local market. At the market, he taught us about local ingredients and gave us an extensive tour. The colors were vibrant, the people were welcoming and the food looked delicious.

When we got back, the fed us a delicious snack of many treats we saw on our market trip. The fruit was delicious!

After snack, we dressed in aprons and handkerchiefs and started cooking. They had three groups going simultaneously and for the cooking, the groups merged depending on what you were making. After cooking you got back with your original group to eat. It was nice, because we were all sharing and tasting each others food and giving tips and pointers on our recipes so that we could note it in the cookbook they provided us with.

Baan's Cooking School

Baan Thai Cooking School

Here is Zack (a little startled) while we make our favorite dish of the day, papaya salad.

And making our own green curry paste from scratch.

In the end, we made six dishes. Each were individual portions, but we were eating like crazy and by the end of the day, we were all a little too stuffed. Warning, if you go, I would not eat anything before hand, although they tell you to have a light breakfast. In the end, I made green curry with chicken (pictured below,) seafood and coconut milk soup,papaya salad, stir fried prawns with curry powder and mangoes with stick rice. I would recommend this place to anyone and I will be going back next time we are back in Chiang Mai.

Green Curry with Chicken

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