Chiang Mai Sights

Here are some photos of Chiang Mai, Thailand. We were going to go to Bangkok with Zack, but one of his friends Soraya. She works for Backroads leading tours in different locations around the globe and we caught her just before she was about to embark on another trip. Soraya has spent many months in Chiang Mai and was a great resource and tour guide. She got us an awesome guest house next to hers, pointed us in the right direction as far as food was concerned, acted as a tour guide for the night market, helped direct us to the hospital to get Cody’s migraines checked out and was just so much to hangout with.

Cody and I loved Chiang Mai. We explain it this way: there are many places to travel to and visit in Southeast Asia, but Chiang Mai is a place where you could settle down and make a great life. Here are some of the sights we saw while walking around this awesome city.

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