Island Life

The island streets were filled with cute little shops, eateries, stray dogs, trucks and scooters.

I made friends with many of the dogs in the area and had one particularly close to my heart. He would some and sit by us during the day and even played in the water with us for a little while.

This was the hotel dog who was also pretty fun to play with. At home, I had a plethora of dogs to hang out with between Porter, Klaus and Lulu, but in KL I try to enjoy the street dogs from afar due to their mangy appearance. The dogs on Koh Tao though, were clean and friendly.

At night, we saw my favorite dog cruising the streets and I hung with him for a while a few times. Here he is walking with us to our place.

The Simple Life where we stayed was about 5 minutes walk from the beach and on the last day, we got a free upgrade to a nicer room thanks to a scheduling conflict. In the last room we shared with Zack the beds were pushed together making one gigantic party bed, but in this room, they were separated.

A couple of nights we ate dinner right on the sand a few meters from the water. The eateries would put out large spreads of fish and construct a grill. We got to go up, select our dinner and watch it be prepared. Yum!

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