To Koh Tao Thailand

After waiting in that room for three hours, we hopped on the bus at 6:00 am to get to the ferry to Koh Tao. (Koh means island in Thai.) The sun was rising and as we walked out onto the long pier, I snapped this shot. The view was spectacular.

After the high speed ferry out into the middle of the ocean, we finally reached land. First, we stopped at Koh Nang Yuan, a little island right next to our destination. Koh Nang Yuan has only one resort which spans across three connected islands. There are no cars and no hustle and bustle, just beautiful beach.

The trip was fairly uneventful. We were exhausted and tired but were revived as we approached our destination. Here you see how much bigger Koh Tao is. We were shocked when we reached land how big and bustling it was. Greeting us were tour guides trying to make a sale, lots of trucks, tiny stores, and teams of tourists.

We got to our guesthouse, The Simple Life, and after lunch Zack and Cody took a walk on the beach while I napped in our room nursing an ongoing sinus problem trying to spunk up for exploring our fantasy destination.

After being revived, Cody and I took a walk on the beach later on that day to catch our first Koh Tao sunset.

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