Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas so we wanted to wish everyone all of the holiday wishes we could possibly think of. On our travels, we have been taking some holiday photos to put us in the spirit. Cheers to all of our family and friends. We love you very much!

(The little sign above on this Christmas tree is seen below. This tree is in the middle of an outdoor mall and looks very inviting to touch.)

We have been trying to make it feel like Christmas here although it is 85 degrees here and we have been hanging out at the pool every day. Cody has been talking about turning on the a/c full blast so that we get a little chilly and closing the drapes so it is darker. Here is the little tree we bought to decorate. We made the ornaments yesterday morning. I also baked some cookies and we found HomeAlone at the local grocery store. Every little bit helps make it so we don’t miss being in Portland as much as we truly do.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

    • Thanks Becky! I hope you had a magical day and are looking forward to a Happy New Year. We sure are looking forward to what 2010 brings us.

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