From Malaysia into Thailand

We took a ferry to the train station from Penang and hopped on the overnight train. The ferry ride was nice and the port sights were great. These next few pictures are dedicated to my sister Jessica. She loves these Dino-Babies as much as I do.

We got some food and prepared for our big night on the train. The journey was going to be twelve hours on the train so we got into our comfy clothes and prepared to read and play games for the next while. The people we met on the train were awesome and extremely friendly.

Here Cody is eating a local Indian snack called muruku. On the train, some eventful things happened. Don’t get scared but the Western countries do not suggest that people from other countries travel the route we did because of the civil war going on in Southern Thailand. After researching and talking to everyone here though, we decided that it was safe. Everyone here travels that way and people on the train that we met were extremely friendly and helpful.

Two things did happen on the train that were a little odd. First, the train stopped for about an hour or so during the day for no apparent reason. By the time we got going again we passed about thirty construction workers. We were joking about someone taking the tracks out ready to attack our train, but nothing like that happened and the reason for the stop remains a mystery.

But, the second unexpected stop is a different story. After dinner at about 9:00 the train screeched to a halt in the pitch black night. After about 15 minutes it seemed like all of the train staff passed us and went to the back of the train. Ten minutes after that 10 cops passed us and headed out the back door of the caboose. We had no idea what was going on and I was a little nervous about it. It did not help that the boys behind us told me that it was the rebel army taking us hostage. Very funny. It turns out what happened really was that… we ran someone over! No joke. Our train hit and killed someone. WTH? Messed up.

Well, after that was over, we went to sleep in our sleepers and tried to get some zzzz’s. At 3:20 in the morning we were woken up and told that we were approaching our stop. Our destination was Chumpon and at first, it did not even look like there was going to be a station around. No joke, the man opened up the doors for the three of us (since we were the only ones getting off the train) and I looked out to pitch black bushes. I nervously looked a Cody and told him to switch positions with me so he would exit the train first. The man at the door told us to wait and thankfully, after about 5 minutes, the train lurched forward to a sleepy dark station.

As soon as we got off, a security guard herded us into the VIP room away from the stragglers and people sleeping on benches outside. It was weird to be VIP just because we were Caucasian, but after all of the traveling and with a three hour wait ahead of us until the ferry, I did not argue. We were haggard, tired and grumpy, but the posters behind us, reminding us of our next destination, helped us pull through. There were only three hours to wait until the bus to the ferry that would whisk us off to paradise.

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