Penang, Part II

The The next day, we went on a historical walking tour of the city. There is a large clock tower in the town square, a cool fort and some old buildings. In addition, the weather was beautiful, hot, but clear.

Here is our Lord Of The Rings photo with Gandolf Cody and Pipin Zack.

As mentioned before, the food was great and Cody made lots of pit stops at stalls during our journey. Cody grabbed some Indian food from a hawker stall.

Then we had some Steamboat around the corner from our guesthouse. You pick what you want, put it in the broth, wait for it to cook and enjoy. Yum!

We also made it up to Penang Hill by bus. From the bottom you take a 1/2 hour tram ride up a seriously steep hill to get to the top. The view is incredible although on the day we were there, it was overcast. At the top we took some time to walk around and see the other sights. There is a temple and a mosque.

We also took some time to get another snack and pester the biggest spider I have ever seen. Here is Zack getting ready to throw a twig into its web while I took some time to run away in-case it got angry.

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