Off to Penang, Malaysia, to Start Our Adventure

Our adventure started with a visit to Penang, Malaysia, an island on the NW coast close to the border of Thailand. That morning, we had a local Malaysian breakfast, Roti Canai, and headed to the bus station with our backpacks on our back.

The bus ride was extremely comfortable and a mere three hours, well worth the price.

We got to Penang and took a crazy van ride to our guesthouse. The driver was a maniac and I thought we were not going to make it. In addition, in the middle of a busy (very busy) four lane street, he just stopped to pick up some friends. Good thing they were girls, because, if not, I would have been even more nervous. It was something watching them try to cross the road from the median for about 5 minutes.

As soon as we found a guesthouse, we headed out for some food. Penang is known throughout Malaysia  for its food and believe me, the city did not disappoint us. The local Chinese spot here had, by far, our favorite meal of the trip and we went back two days later for more. It looks like an unassuming hawker stall with lots of tables, but it serves the best and by my standards most gourmet food immaginable. The tamarind fish was to die for and I am going to feverishly search for the recipe.

Our time in Penang was filled with lots of eating, walking around and exploring the city. It is a historical site with lots of cool monuments and buildings.

We spent one afternoon walking the streets and found a famous old clan house down a side alley. It was amazingly beautiful and such a cool sight to see.

The other awesome thing about Penang food is Dim Sum. I got the boys to go to every morning we were in town and it was delicious.

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