Preparing for a Visit

My wonderful old roommate Zack is making his way across the Pacific to visit us. He will be arriving on Monday and we have lots of great adventures planned.

To help him out and everyone else preparing to visit we have some preparation and travel advice for you.

Flight: EVA Airlines was the airline we flew and it was great. Lots of leg room, good meals, a monitor in every head rest with lots of good movies and comfortable seats with adequate leg room. The plane we flew was not crowded so if you talk to the person at the checkout counter, they can move you around so you get some space to yourself.

Packing: The best piece of advice for you is to pack light with lots of light clothes and make sure that you bring at least one backpack for short weekend adventures.

What to bring? Flip-flops, light colored t-shirts, shorts, light fabric long pants for traveling into temples, 1 pair of jeans, 1-2 swimsuits, sneakers, only a couple of pairs of socks, workout clothes if you would like to use the gym at our place and a light dress outfit and a pair of nice shoes if you want to go out to one of the nice sky bars in the city. Possibly bring one long sleeve shirt and the lightest rain jacket but we really haven’t used either. Ladies bring lots of light skirts (some longer for traveling if you don’t want to wear pants) and tanktops. Also bring sunscreen above 30, bug spray, a water bottle, some cash to exchange so that you don’t have to pay a bunch of service fees on ATMs.

No need to bring: a towel or bedding, a sweatshirt or jacket or your computer.

When you land in Kuala Lumpur: First get in line to exchange a little bit of money but no need to exchange all of it. Then  take the tram to the baggage claim, pick up your luggage and go through customs (which takes a while usually.) Then Cody or I will be there to meet you, or you can take the high speed rail system into the city. We will hopefully work out this detail before you arrive.

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