The Highlight of Each Day

Call me simple, but lately, the highlight of each and every day is the one minute I get to spend with my new found friend, the little purple owl. At 8:30, after the news, The Owl comes on and charms me. Cody can attest, if I miss the owl, I am seriously bummed out. No joke.

The Owl is a series of short CGI-animated episodes featuring the eponymous owl, purple in colour, and with blue feet that “float” below its body. Each of the minute-long episodes centers on the owl attempting to overcome unfortunate, absurd circumstances, but end in the end, the owl is dispensed of in unusual or comical ways. Terrifically morbid, yet childish and charming.

Check some of them out on youtube or this site has some of them too. It does not seem like they have my favorite, the kung-fu frog episode, but really, they are all great. Thank you Malaysia for introducing me to this grumpy little bird.

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