Locals Think Ameicans…

We get this a lot. Cody and I are not typically Americans I guess. We come from the liberal west coast in a very open minded community of friends, colleagues and neighbors. I guess we are not the stereotypically American 20 and 30 somethings, but come on. I know this true in my heart, but people over here look at us like we are from Mars. Here is what Malaysia expects from us, friends.

  1. We all drink coffee. All the time. Cody and I do not drink coffee, we drink tea. I do not need to know where the Starbucks is. (After I get internet, I guess.)
  2. Our favorite meal is prepared by and eaten at McDonalds. I have not had a burger in 20 years, let alone something resembling a cow. Their fries taste alright, but I can’t remember the last time I ate at McDonalds. Thank you kind Malaysian, but no, I do not need to know where the local McDonalds is.
  3. We are spice wimps. Cody and I love hot food and add pepper sauce to almost everything. I can’t tell you how many times we have been out to eat and someone has mentioned with caution that the dish is hot.  For example “It is very spicy, are you sure you want to order the noodles?” Yes I want the f***ing noodles.

These have all been brought to our attention daily as we hang out with new people.  Everyone is trying to be a good host while we are in Malaysia so they all point out every fast food joint, coffee house and pub…the pubs are nice : )  Meanwhile all we really want is a cheap hawker stall with some spicy curry or some local Nonya food.  America, this is our Southeast Asia stereotype: Coffee guzzling, bland, fast food eating, drunks.

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