Cody Was In Heaven

On Friday we spent another night at Shooters. We decided to go early, so we would have an excuse to leave and make dinner in order to save money. The unforeseen consequence of going to the bar at 6 pm was that we were there for 10.5 hours, no joke, with a dinner break in between. And we didn’t make dinner, we went out with our friend Taki.

Being a member at Shooters has two benefits, cheap drinks and a private pool room upstairs. We took advantage of that and made the best of our Friday night by starting upstairs before it got crowded.

Our friend Taki met us for a few drinks and then we headed to get dinner at a local hawker stall. The boys got fried noodles and I got a chicken and rice clay pot. It was delicious.

After that we went back to the bar to play pool. Unfortunately, we were out until 4:30 in the morning, but luckily we live right upstairs so it is not a far journey. The people we have met while playing are so nice. This is Taki, Charles (Frankie’s younger brother), Cody and Frankie.

And here is one with me. Frankie is trying to look like Gomer Pyle.

It is a super serious bar for pool and practically everyone who plays is a professional. Cody has won a few games, but Frankie, the manager and best pool player that Cody has ever seen, told him that he needed lots of help if he was going to be good. Without being discouraged, Cody asked him to help him and Frankie told him that he would teach him. Cody was in heaven and is going to take Frankie up on his offer. By the time we get back, Cody should be in tip-top pool playing shape.




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