Difference: Bathrooms

It being a Muslim country, I would not expect to share a bathroom with a male in a bar or store, but yet, many restrooms are unisex. It has taken a while to get used to. I had a few at a local pub, journeyed to the restroom and stumbled into a MAN. Yikes.


Also, one little piece of advice, ladies, if you are using the restroom, check next to the sink for the toilet paper. And guys, if you need it, please do the same. I suppose you could always go without toilet paper and use the hose, but I like the old fashioned American way, even with me being a tree hugger and all.

In my opinion, those troublesome little hoses cause more harm than good. Every time I step foot into a stall, the entire thing looks like it was driven through a car wash with the doors open. What the hell is going on in there, I’m not exactly sure, but the result is water everywhere! It is an utter mess that I try not to add to by using toilet paper.

In addition, another bathroom woe is the fact that many places do not use stand-up toilets. Instead there are porcelain holes in the ground with little footrests beside them. The first time I used one was in the bar in Melaka. The beer that had been consumed earlier that evening may have clouded my opinion of these holes, but it was actually awesome. Especially since I did not have to contend with a drenched toilet seat. I had my camera then and took a picture, but I spare you the details.

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