The 18-Wheeler and Her Friend Chodee

This past Thursday night, while at Shooters, our local watering hole, we became friendly with the manager, Frankie. He is an older local Chinese man who is extremely friendly, good at pool and loves American rock music. He moonlights as the DJ and also sets up “friendly” games of pool for 50 Ringgit each, which Cody is going to stay out of until I begin working in January.

When he introduced himself with a firm cheerful handshake I told him my name. “Rrrr-o-rr-ee huh? That is really hard for the Chinese. Have you noticed?” he asked me, after he pronounced it just fine. We both chuckled, like it was our little joke. I replied “Yeah, I have noticed.”

It is funny because Cody and I have laughed about this numerous times in the past three months. No one can say my name. After a second, labored attempt after I correct them, they still can’t pronounce it.  Even the little Canadian girl in Cody’s class Rachel (who can pronounce her own name just fine) calls me Laurie. And by the way, a “Laurie” here is a truck. People think I am named for a truck.

Aurora is no better. “Ah-low-la.” Yeah, nice try. Thanks mom and dad, I was not meant for Asia, but yet, am making it just fine with my new identity as a 18-Wheeler.


One last tidbit… Cody is pronounced just fine when he tells people his name. Yet if people see his name in writing they think it is “Cho-dee” because the “c” is pronounced as “ch.” I guess that I don’t have it too bad.

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