Car Troubles Continue

Well, are you as sick of hearing about the car as we are dealing with it. I am sure Kate is doing a little “I told you so” dance although it is not really in her nature. It was returned to us on Thursday afternoon after three days of taking taxi’s without the 1/2 tank of gas we had in it. The light was on actually. This is the second time it has been returned like this. We filled it up only1/2 way. I was convinced that we should not fill it up in case we had to return it to them again in the next few days, although we were quite confident that they fixed it this time. Ha!

What a dream. It stalled the very next day. Cody and I talked about our options between us and decided that we are not returning it to the mechanic. Not only does it not get fixed, but we have to pay for taxi’s and the guy uses all of our gas. We just think that fixing our car is not a priority. Why would he spend time fixing our car when he could be fixing cars he charges on?

The car will be driven without the air con on from this point forward. It has not stalled with the air con off, so hopefully we will have a functioning car but one without air con. It really is not that bad, although we do get a bit sweatier without that cool air blowing on us. Oh well. Lesson learned. Maybe when I start work, we’ll try again and purchase something younger than our old junker.


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