Planning Our Trip to Thailand With No Internet

It has been interesting, to say the least. How did anything get done before the internet? I suppose it doesn’t help that our car stalled AGAIN after getting it back from being fixed and has been in the shop for the past three days, so we can’t even head to the bus depot to plan our trip. Hopefully the car will work at least a little bit when we get it back. So much for those long planned road trips around the country I guess.

If anyone has suggestions for Bangkok or islands in Southern Thailand, please send them by. I think the plan is to go to Koh Tao for about a week. It looks like paradise and I am really excited to get to the beaches. We have not even seen the water yet since arriving.


One thought on “Planning Our Trip to Thailand With No Internet

  1. looks great i’ll take a look maybe ask lloyd to look he is very good at that sort of thing

    ps I’m for bali maybe we should let ZCody’s mother and your mother in on it maybe you father alos
    I’m looking in to a time share trad to Bali XXXXX

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