Nuts-O Driving: Examples 1 & 2

I have not gotten behind the wheel and to be honest, I am terrified of driving here. Words can not explain how horrible drivers are here and the blatant disregard for “driving rules” is unbelievable. There have been some close calls and there have been some moments where I have been panicked, two of which I will explain now.

1. There are toll booths here and the signs are not in English. On the way to Melaka, we ended up in an electronic pay toll booth. Cody thought fast, reversed out of the booth on the freeway before the approaching car reached us and got into the next lane over. After my yelping, he asked me what I would have done. I said, screamed, gotten out of the car, knocked on the booth next to us and asked them to open the gate. Just one reason that it is good I am not the driver, because that suggestion sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

2. While trying to find the market on Saturday after going to the Batu Caves, we drove down a narrow street trying to find an entrance to the freeway that was visually, right in front of us. Since we saw other cars waiting to hop on the freeway we assumed it was an on-ramp. Silly us. It was a dirt path, up from the road, over the curb, where people sneak onto the freeway through a whole in the barrier. The “road” was filled with large rocks and holes. Since this is what people do, we had two cars in front of us and one in back. Cody had no choice but to go and our car made it although it really does not respond that well to “punching” it, with your foot hard on the peddle. I was screaming, but calmed enough to get a picture. What would I have done? Cody asked again. I would have done a 12 point turn and held up traffic while I turned around and found a resonable way onto the freeway. Oh, I’m such a silly American!


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