Batu Caves

Yesterday was an adventure for us. Cody woke and made us a delicious breakfast of eggs, hash browns and fruit and then we packed and headed to the Batu Caves.


It is a huge travel destination about 15 minutes from our home north of KL and easily recognized by the tallest statue of Murugan, a Hindu deity. The limestone caves are up 272 steep narrow stairs and it is a monkey filled climb up to the sights. The caves were discovered about 120 years ago by an American, or so the story goes, and then taken over as a Hindu religious site.


As we drove up we were surprised to see the huge gold statue right off of the freeway. You really couldn’t miss it.We parked and walked up to the arched gates and started to climb. We made it about 7 steps (they are all numbered) and then I decided that I needed to turn back and use the restroom. Ha!


Soon we were back on our way and we began to climb the stairs. About 112 steps into the journey we spotted our first monkey. Cody was thrilled and excited, oh how naive he was at the beginning of the day.


We arrived to the opening of the caves and were awestruck. They were awesome. It was weird though, it was all paved and they had cheesy souvenir booths IN the caves. Also, there was trash tucked into every corner of each cave, which you see all throughout Malaysia. Both of these made it a little disappointing, but it was still super cool.


All throughout the caves were Hindu statues and decor.




In addition, we got to witness a traditional Hindu celebration with music and dress.


On the way back down we got some quality time with the monkeys and saw a few snatch and grabs. We were previously warned that you do not bring food up to the caves because the monkeys with aggressively grab them and steal them. Boy was this true. We saw a few monkey/human altercations which are even more dangerous on the steep steps. We almost saw a woman go overboard.




And the funniest part of the day was when some Asian tourists grabbed Cody and I for a photo. After our first snapshot, I jumped out and took one of them. Those tall white people are such a sight to see over here.


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