Help Out Some Friends

Hello friends and family. There are a few people I would like to help right now in numerous ways. I know some people very close to my heart who are going through some challenges right now, but being so far away, I am stuck and not sure how to offer assistance. I figured that one thing I could do is help two of my best friends add a baby to their family.


Kate and Devin are looking to adopt a child. They are two of the most loving, caring, bright and funny people I know. I have worked with both of them in the education field and have seen their incredible work with children first hand. If anyone knows of someone looking for adoptive parents for their newborn, please pass along Kate and Devin’s information. I am hoping that when I return to the states, I will get to spend time with Kate, Devin and their new baby!

You can visit their adoption site at or just type in “kate and devin adoption” into google. Their page will appear as the first link.

Thanks for the help!

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