This Is It

Lai Wan bought us tickets for This Is It on the 1st of November. It will be a great way to spend All Saints Day. This is one vote for Saint MJ. People over here are crazy, I mean crazy for MJ. The first two weeks we arrived, we had about 50 questions about Michael Jackson. Everyone over here loves him and has seen him in concert too. I was so jealous. I had to explain that you really had a hard time seeing him in concert over in the states. He just would not perform that much and tickets were impossible to get. Lai Wan has seen him and our taxi driver Tan has seen him. If only we lived in Malaysia earlier, we would have been able to see MJ in the flesh. The movie will have to due for now.


And the question remains “Do Malaysians know about his affinity for little boys?” They love him so much, but it is a Muslim country… I’m not sure if they heard the allegations, but I will not be the one to bring it up. For right now, I am happy to live in a blissful, MJ loving country.

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