Expat Expo

The annual expat expo was this weekend. We hopped on the LRT and headed into the city to attend just like foreigners would. It was an “eco” expo, boy is Malaysia hip and in the know.


The booths were alright and it was kind of small, but it did the trick. We got some information on local vacations, driving in KL, and might have found a place to volunteer. This is my new method for meeting friends. At the Malaysian Aids Council booth, we struck up a conversation with a gentleman named Ben and I created my own volunteering job. They have a home for parent-less children with HIV. I think I might go and volunteer my time to read to them and play games and such. Could be fun, no?

Cody took a shot at kicking a soccerball faster than the pros and got 52 mph. The guy at the booth was very impressed!


Cody passed out Rorey masks and this one friendly woman, played along and let us take her picture.


There was a young local dance troupe that included a man whose spirit fingers and high kick were just supurb. The picture does not do him justice.


The convention center is right next to the Petronas Towers so we got our first up close and personal view They really don’t look like they were the tallest buildings in the world but it could be an optical illusion.


We also saw some awesome bikes for the upcoming race that is happening this weekend. It is on the agenda for next year but not in the budget for this year. I really am shocked that the US prefers racing in cars opposed to racing in these crazy little bikes. Uncle Bri, can you explain it to me? I would much prefer to be a fan of these fast racing bikes if I had a chance. The danger, the excitement, the little leather outfits. Cody explained to me the historical connection between nascar and prohibition, but I still don’t get it. Anyway, the bikes were cool.


And to top the day off, we had chips and salsa at Chilli’s AGAIN. Is there anyway to avoid malls here, because the temptation for Cody is just too real. There is like some huge massive force field pulling him in. Please, no more. We ate three baskets, well, he ate most of them, but chip god, please be good to us and stop this madness. We are in Malaysia for heaven sakes, not Mexico.


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