Melaka at Night

On Friday and Saturday nights in Melaka, Jonker Street (aka junk street) which runs through the center of Chinatown, closes to cars so pedestrians can have free reign of the night market. Cody really wanted to see the famous street performer who breaks into a coconut with his pointer finger in less than 30 seconds, so we went off in search of this miracle man.


We found him and there is a video to come. We also found a bar and found Cody a souvenir wooden monkey. He fed him some beer.



The bar was great. There was live music, free flowing beer and some fun people. We met some interesting characters and listened to some impressive karaoke. It was not really karaoke, since the performers were actual musicians, but they were all locals from the audience so it was karaoke-like. There was lots of dancing and between the two of us, we polished off a few and stayed out until 2 in the morning, which never happens now-a-days because drinking is so expensive and I am not working yet.

We met a nice local man from the town we live in, Raymond. He is a local business man who is also a musician. He volunteers his time at a drum studio helping out students with disabilities. We can’t wait to go check it out. Raymond was also an incredible singer and got up to sing for us. He tried to get Cody to come up, but we had not had that many drinks and the competition was stiff.


His friend was also a pisser. He introduced himself as Handsome Lee and had to come out and sit with us every time he wanted to smoke because we were sitting out away from the undercover and his wife hates that he smokes.

Throughout the night there were two kids hanging around the crowded bar. Their parents were front and center and one of the mothers had an incredible voice. We were so suprised that they lasted the night but they had some help from some juvenile entertainment. The two each had a box of pop-its. It was awesome to watch. It all started out innocent and fun, but then turned deadly very quickly like it always does. They were throwing them at each other and yelping in pain. It was so much fun to watch. They were also running in between the market goers and crawling under stalls. I almost peed my pants because it was so much fun to watch.


All in all, it was one of the best nights we have had here, and for anyone traveling here, a trip to Melaka will be in the itinerary.




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