Melaka Sightseeing

We awoke at 7:00 on Saturday and headed out. It was supposed to take less than two hours to get there, but the directions took us right into the center of Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC), which was no where the best way and we got lost, so it turned into 4 hours (with a struggling car and make me nervous for the drive.) We arrived safely and found Melaka to be such a pleasant little town.

Since the drive was so long, we got lunch as soon as we arrived and then headed out to see the sights after finding a guest house in Chinatown. This involved many hours of walking around and visiting historical sights. Melaka was ruled by the Portuguese and Dutch for many years and the city has some wonderful historical sites.

First we visited the Christ Church of Melaka. The pastor actually introduced himself to us and helped us find our way later on that day somewhere many streets away from the church. It was a funny coincidence.


The church is adjacent to the town square where all of the trishaws line up. These decorated little bicycles look fun to ride in, but we saved that for when Zack is here.


St. Paul’s Hill was next with it’s expansive views of the coast.





Then we walked around Chinatown and searched in the interesting shops.



After walking for about four hours we decided it was time to find some food at Capital Satay. The maps from Lonely Planet left much to be desired and we got lost for about 1.5 hours. By the time we found it, thanks to the preist from the church, the line was about 50 people deep. Raw meats and vegetables dipped in hot peanut satay sauce to cook it sounded great after our journey, but I was cranky (the cranky I get when hungry) and we passed it up. Instead we found another banana leaf restaurant. Cody knows how to get me out of a hunger funk and he did it by finding my favorite meal so far in Malaysia. After our dinner, we were geared up for more sightseeing.




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