Difference: Great Service, No Tipping

Malaysians do not tip when eating out. You can try, but they send the money right back to you. Yes, this saves money and is really nice for the patrons, but boy do I feel guilty. Why you ask? Because the service over here is the best I have EVER experienced. Chez Pannise has nothing on even the most basic of eateries, including the local pub at the ground level of our condo, when it comes to service. For example, you order a pitcher of beer, and the servers come over to re-pour beer into your glasses when they get below the halfway point. You need to move tables; they will move everything for you, even in a little food stall. You need the server for any reason, you snap your fingers or say “Hey Boss” and they come hustling over. This last example has been weird for me to get used to, but it is custom and it is quite nice having someone caring for your needs while out getting food and drink. Above all, they are friendly and greet you with genuine smiles, every time you meet them.

We no longer have to deal with sassy servers with bad attitudes that seem to be put out if you need something from them. No need to passively attempt to make eye contact with a server and hope that they pick-up on your need to get something from them. The horrible service I have received in the states in the past has been unbelievable, and we pay these people extra in the states. So, I personally want to send a shout out to all of the Malaysian servers. Good work to all and boy would I love to tip you… I really would.

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