Car Bought… Check

We buckled down, checked on the finances and decided to pull the trigger. We thought about purchasing this car, but it was a little out of our price range.


It was such a treat taking cabs everywhere, but they were just too clean and the drivers were too honest for us. All kidding aside, it has been so nice to have a vehicle and after the first day we feel confident that it was the right decision. After it stalled twice on the day we bought it (not even kidding) it has been running fine with no additional stalls as of yet. It could have been the large chunk of plastic left under the hood that we found that could have been causing the stalls but the reason is not important if the problem goes away, right?

Cody has gotten used to driving on the right side and I have gotten used to being driven around. I have not mustered up the courage to hit the road myself, but I am working on that. Until then, I rely on him to escort me. It could be worse.



It is a Proton Saga. Some local brand here in Malaysia. The best part of the car? There is no heat. Makes sense I guess, but I never would have thought.


2 thoughts on “Car Bought… Check

  1. oh ya i for got no i really for got now what i came back to say
    Will i would have washed the food also Rorey I kknow there was somthing ???? i’ll try later oh Brian is home for a week or 2 i dont know yet and did Cody get my e-mail about lisening ?
    still cant remeber what it was darn
    will LOVE YA keep living my dream for me have fun you only get one chance I’m proud as heell of you 2 DAD

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