Gas Hook Up

The gas just got hooked up. No more microwave meals for us. And we also now have a rice cooker that we use everyday, sometimes twice a day. Cody is in heaven that rice is the staple here and I am slowly coming to terms with it.

We have been making dinner from the Malaysian cookbook that I bought at Borders. Malaysian food consists of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Nyonya food (a unique mix of Chinese and Malay cultures from the joining through marriage over time.)


Last week I picked out a recipe and headed to the hypermarket. I was looking for turnips to go with the spinach saag I was going to make. I found the only thing resembling a turnip and bought it after convincing myself that it was actually a turnip, although I knew better.

I opened it up and yup, my suspicions were correct, it was a jicama. (What the hell it was doing in Malaysia I had no idea, but it was a real jicima.) I tasted it raw, and then decided to cook with it. After 30 minutes of simmering with the spinach, it definitely did not mash like the turnip as supposed to, but it tasted alright in the end. Even Cody said that it was not too bad. I never would have thought to cook jicima, but take it from me, it can be done… go forth and be adventurous.


P.S. a few days after I wrote this, I learned that here they call a jicima a turnip and I actually found the right vegtable… how it is supposed to be mashed though, still remains a mystery.

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