Difference: Patios

While looking for a place to live, Cody and I noticed things about living spaces that Malaysians do not typically care about. One of these is the patio. The first place we stayed at had a very large patio overlooking the pool. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinners out there just about every day assuming that the smoke from the local burning would not send us fleeing inside for fresh air to breathe.

Lai Wan took us around looking for condos and asked us what we were looking for. “Something with a large patio,” I innocently replied and she responded with a surprising chuckle. “A patio, really?” she questioned. Needless to say, they do not use these luxuries here. Lai Wan explained that it is too hot to use them and that all Malaysians prefer to stay indoors in the cool crisp air that their air cons provide. But not Cody and I. We found the condo with one of the largest patios available, and can’t wait to get a cheap chair and table set so that we can sit and eat our meals overlooking the pool in our very own home.

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