Chinatown Part Two

The central market was a trip. There were so many stalls with a ton of awesome gift items. We vowed to go back when it was time to return so we could bring back all kinds of neat gifts for everyone.


After we left the Central Market, we wandered around the hot bust streets. We found a little alley and across the river was this beautiful building. It is a Mosque of some sort that has been around for ages.

IMG_8107From there, we traveled to Petaling Street. It is the place in Chinatown where they have the large outdoor market. Cody and I bought some fakes and got some food. We bought 9 DVD’s (5 movies and 4 True Blood Season Two discs.) Four of them worked but they were still a bargain. What sucked though is that Bruno was one of the ones that worked and we had to watch it all the way through. What a waste of time.Cody picked up Liverpool jersey and was quite happy with his purchase. It remains to be seen if it makes it through the wash.

IMG_8109 Just as we were about to leave, we made a really poor decision and stopped in for a beer at the only place on the strip with other Caucasians. The beer was relatively cheap, but the food was terrible and we wished that Lai Wan was with us to show us a good hole in the wall.



On the way back to the station, we picked up some cards at a stationary store and found some street performance to watch. It was a witch doctor selling a liquid that was suspiciously just like acid. The old man had a big burly chap try to tear trough some fabric. After he was unable to do it, his male assistant poured some liquid on the fabric and it began to eat away at the fabric and leave some huge gaping holes in it. I was feeling rather uncomfortable being one of only two women watching the show. I could only think of those horrible documentaries that I have watched where the husbands burn their wives faces off for some “well deserving” offense.



After we arrived safely at our train station destination, we bought a 51 cent Slurpee from 7-11. It was gross but very familiar and frosty. Just what we needed.

IMG_8124 While wrapping up our day, waiting for the free shuttle to our local mall so we could walk home from there, we saw the saddest thing. There was an older man pushing a cart on the FREEWAY! No joke. Cody took pictures and I just felt bad for him.


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