Difference: Elevators

No non-sense is the first thought that comes to mind with elevators. Since we all live in high-rise buildings, everyone uses them at their home. In addition we use them daily when shopping. The strip malls as we would call them in the US, are three to four stories high. Since the weather is so hot and muggy, you also use elevators when visiting common businesses such as bakeries and clothing stores.

Since we use them so often, the great thing about elevators is that they shut even before you can get inside them to ride them. There is no awkward waiting or passing the time. The doors just shut, immediately after they are opened to their fullest to let you in. It is shocking at first, when you are almost closed in the fierce sliding doors that don’t seem to open back up again even if you put your hand daintily on the door edge like you would do in the US. Of course, lifts like these would never fly over in the US because of injuries and people suing, but here, who cares? Get caught in the door, no big deal. At least you do not have to wait to get on with your day.

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