China Town

Cody and I took the opportunity to head into Chinatown for the vacation. We took a taxi out the the LRT Station (KL’s BART) and rode it into the city.

IMG_8093The station and trains were all clean and the tickets were cheap. In addition, the trains came every 7 minutes, which is awesome considering that it takes 15 minutes in the Bay Area.


Cody was impressed that local here not only take their shoes off when entering a residence, but also when sitting on the train.

IMG_8100Once we got off of the train, we saw some amazing graffiti art. It was a huge span all the way along the river bank.



After exiting the station, we found our way to the Central Market. The baby blue art deco building was a trip and the inside was packed to the brim with stalls selling local items. Cody wanted me to get some fish massage therapy, and I will next time we go, but that day, I did not feel like having my feet soaking in a pool with fish nibbling at my toes.


More later, Starbucks is TOO SLOW for picture downloads….

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