Hari Raya

Cody and I arrived to Malaysia during Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for the Muslims. At the end of each night, they break fast and have nightly celebratory meals. For this month, they open special markets in the afternoon for people to get food for their evening events.


These markets pop out of no where and only occur for this special occasion. Lai Wan took us to one after school the other day and we got to try some fantastic Malaysian treats. We took them home and had a feast of our own. The hotdog bun stuffed with spicy chicken, wrapped in philo dough and fried was our favorite, no joke.


We also had some sweet coconut rice and chicken wrapped in a banana leaf, some satay, a pancake like thing stuffed with savory chicken and some corn pudding. The bright yellow corn pudding was also amazing. Their treats here are gelatinous and coconuty and fantastic!





This weekend is the start of Hari Raya or “Day of Celebration”, a three day celebration to mark the end of Ramadan. During this holiday, the biggest holiday all year for Malaysians, everyone returns to their home towns, away from the city. Cody and I are going to take this opportunity to explore the virtually empty Kuala Lumpur City Center, or KLCC, with the new car (new to us at least) that we are buying this weekend. More on that later.

One thought on “Hari Raya

  1. Hey guys. It looks great over there!!!! Hope you are having fun getting settled. Send your e-mail so I can send you those pictures of Cruz. See Ya and have a great time!!!

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