Cody’s Classroom


Cody’s classroom is all set and he has been in session for about two weeks. His aid has been out ill for two days and I have been working with him in the classroom as a substitute. He has five students and the kids are great. He has a long six hour day but it is filled to the brim with activities. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!



2 thoughts on “Cody’s Classroom

  1. Hi son HI Roery thanks for keeping tract of Cody for me your having way to much fun. i need to get there asap 🙂 i would aks you how it’s going but it sound like it’s going great how about the car you know me i’m going nuts i want to see it

    Love ya both stay safe
    when do i get to come over ?

  2. When you sit at your tiny desk, are you tempted to scream “Hey, you guys!!!” I hope you’re at least eating a lot of Baby Ruth’s.

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