Taxi Drive From Airport

This has been a long time coming.  Rorey and I wanted to convey what our trip from the airport to our temp condo was like.  Not knowing really what we were doing taxi wise, we sort of left it in the hands of our new friend Tabitha.  The three of us managed to get a large van to take us to were we needed but for 200 RM.  that turned out to be too much, but we were new.  We got into the van with our 8 bags and headed down the road.  We must have payed extra to get the race car version of of taxi ride home.  Rorey and I were in the back seat leaving Tabitha in the front next to the driver.  The entire ride was silent, filled with mostly silent prayers being said for our safe arrival.  We raced through 5 lane highways and u-turns.  Tabitha had to use both her hands to brace herself against the dashboard as the taxi was gunning it then slamming on the brakes while highway driving.  I even saw her have to put both her feet against the dash in an attempt to stop herself from flying through the windshield.  Rorey and I looked at each other in terror and shock.  I wanted to laugh out loud but my voice was left kilometers behind us.  The driver mean mugged (Mad Dogged) every driver in his way who wasn’t also acting like a maniac.  Even this was okay until the monsoon hit.  Did the downpour slow us down?  Not a chance.  We had a taxi driver looking to win the gold in this race.  An hour drive took us around 40 minutes even in monsoon traffic.  We arrived, reluctantly paid the full bill and kissed the pavement like a sailor out to sea for months just happy to see land again.  We were “safely” at our new condo ready to start our new lives in Malaysia.

1957967040This is the beginning of the monsoon and we are driving much faster then anyone else on the road.

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