The Weather

In Malaysia, the weather outside has been about 80 some odd degrees Farenheight with a relative humidity (as my friend Drew calls it, “the RH Factor”) of about 98 percent. While researching our new home country before the move these little numbers intimidated me. I believe the additional challenge of having to make a conversion between Celcius and Farenheight has helped me deal with this situation. With the temperature recorded in the 20’s, it is not such a big deal.  Also, I am not too hot, not really ever. So no matter what the numbers are, it has been all right with me.

This truth has been baffling others here, Cody included. He does not agree with this post. He finds it difficult, but it seems as if I am cold blooded. I have been called a lizard before. In the past, if I were to found in the shade on a sunny, pleasant 75 degree day in Oakland, my skin would be cold to the touch… cold, really. In Kuala Lumpur, instead of being uncomfortably hot, I get sweaty. This happens occasionally, but not too frequently. When it does happen, it is weird being comfortable in temperature, but still sweating.

Please do not be fooled by my experience with the weather here. I have no doubt that you will be hot here. But don’t fret if you plan on coming to visit (and remember, the offer is open to anyone.) There is respite. The good news is that everyone has air con’s here as they call it, multiple ones, and they use them all of the time. Our friend Lei Wan sets hers to a fridgided 18 degrees. This is the real Malaysia. They love their air con’s. And Cody does too, so I guess that each day the air con temp drops a little closer to 18 degrees in our apartment, each day, we become closer to being classified as real locals in this foreign land.

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